“Spoiler alert: The Hollywood Special Effects Show did exactly what it said on the tin… this extravaganza of pyrotechnics was brought to us by a feisty American girl, a Bond-geek scientist in a white lab coat and a hapless helper who also served as a guinea-pig. We were on the edge of our seats with anticipation and were repeatedly rewarded. we were entranced throughout the show and the grown-ups whooped as much as the children. It was very enjoyable, from sugar-glass bottles being smashed on heads to experiments with gunpowder, propane gas and blanks. This high-octane production was a rip-roaring success and having been fortunate enough to experience the likes of Universal Studios, I have to say this was an excellent remake.”
Henley Times (UK)

“Movie magic and screen secrets came to life in the Hollywood Special Effects Show tonight… plenty of pyrotechnics and film trickery including fake blood, gunshots, fake snow and plenty of audience participation. As this show is aimed at the younger audience, we took along a nine-year-old who loved every minute of it. I won’t give away the surprises but rest assured this show is full of them. One particular wow moment involves a rather large dinosaur and led to some gasps from the audience! The kids clearly loved the action on stage and the show even had a few jokes and participation moments for the adults. I would recommend this show for families and anyone with a child interested in films.”
Scunthorpe Telegraph (UK)